Using Social Media for Customer Service – 5 Ways

Using Social Media for Customer Service – 5 Ways are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it helpful.

Benefits of Using social media for customer service

Using Social Media for Customer Service - 5 Ways
Using Social Media for Customer Service – Photo Source:

Ever since the inception of social media, the concept of marketing and sales have been redefined to a whole new pattern and it has been a blessing to businesses around the world no matter the size.

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Social media has helped businesses to push their products and services to more people and just as you know that the more people who see your offer, the more possible it is to close in better sales.

Aside from sales which is just one aspect of the blessings of social media, social media had become over time a free billboard to place their ads in and a special way that social media helps small businesses to grow is through effective customer service.

Despite being a blessing, should customer service be done wrongly on social media, it could equate to losing so much money and even exposing the weakness of your company or brand to the entire public space.

However, when customer service is done the right way, it has the capacity of connecting you to the right potential customers especially when you do the same in an open and sincere manner.

When a company has a great customer service system, it often leads to customers becoming more loyal to the brand or company because more than often, people do business with those that they trust and believe in.

Quickly, we are going to show you some ways that social media can improve your customer service system. Read, explore and adapt.

1. Be Alert!

Traditionally, organizations have a complaint unit that addresses the complaints of their clients and that’s all that they do, they do not foresee the problem and proffer solutions before they arise.

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The narrative has to change when using social media. You should have a kind of measure that monitors social media and fish out any possible issues before they may arise and damage the reputation of your brand.

You should always go to your customers with solutions to their problems even before they present their problems to you. This way, you will be gaining their trust and make them more loyal to your company.

2. Be Quick in your response

Gone are the days when customers wait for a long time before their complaints are heard or even attended to. You should ensure that the complaints of your customers are attended to within the shortest possible time.

No client will love to be kept hanging especially when it has to do with his finance, health, or even time. When customers perceive that you do not care about them (in the way you respond to their objection), often they try to pitch their tent somewhere else where they will be easily responded to and their concerns treated as important.

With that understanding, do your best to ensure that there are a 24 hours instant replies to grievances by your customers.

3. Get Feedback

Communication is a two-way thing. When you push out your products and service to your customers, when you tell them how well organized your business is, when you push out new offers or promo, it is inevitable that you get feedback from the people who are to benefit from these things.

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Feedback will help you know what is really in the mind of your customers and what they want because it is possible to be giving one thing to your customers while they want another thing entirely.

Aside from the purpose of making sales, it is important that you post some content from time to time to ensure that you are readily getting feedback from your customers. It could be a question or trivia or anything of such. As long as the feedback is getting to you it would help you serve your customers better.

4. Own a blog

As a company that is keen on customer service, a blog that you use in sharing information that is applicable to your customers will go a long way in boosting your customer service.

Sometimes, a customer comes up with issues that could be very complex to solve and you put in your best to solve such issues, the customers feel satisfied and leaves.

You should take it a step further by writing something about that problem that you solved for a client. This will help to make your FAQ page more interactive and filled with stories that would compel the readers to read till the end.

5. Have Devoted Customer Service Channels

Usually, businesses use their business pages on social media for handling complaints, as long as this may sound interesting, it is usually not the best.

If your want to make the most out of social media marketing, you also have a dedicated handle that takes care of the needs of customers in the aspect of complaints handling and resolution.

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When you have this channel, you avoid having so many issues in your primary feed and have it focused on engagement while complaints are channeled to the other.

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