10 Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

10 Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy are listed and explained one after the other in this article for your perusal.

What foods help prevent miscarriage

10 Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy
Tips to Avoid Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy – Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com

Most pregnancies according to research have been proven to be lost during the first to 20th week of conception due to infection.

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This loss often results in heavy bleeding and severe pain. It is really a sad thing to have a miscarriage as the pains that accompany it is worse than that of childbirth.

There are proven guidelines that you can follow to prevent having a miscarriage of the pregnancy and we have compiled about ten of them for you.

1. Avoid Stress or strenuous activities

One of the causes of a miscarriage of pregnancy is stress and quite unfortunately, most of the time, pregnant women are sometimes stressed with household chores and other things.

You must understand that as a pregnant woman or a husband to a pregnant woman, pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body of a woman, and these changes if not properly managed can lead to stress. Rest and fun are recommended for pregnant women at all times to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

2. Avoid the cigarette

Before the day of your pregnancy, you must have been engaged in smoking but as a pregnant woman, the intake of dangerous substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, Indian hemp, etc. puts the baby in your womb at very great risk and even when they manage not to be expunged untimely from the womb, they may develop health complications as they grow up.

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3. Engage in Safe Sex

Sex during pregnancy is very good for the mother as it helps in certain ways. However, if you must engage in sex during pregnancy, ensure that is a safe one and that you are protected against sexually transmitted illnesses or diseases.  Unprotected sex can put both you and your unborn baby at risk, especially that of abortion.

Protection is necessary especially if you have a partner that you do not trust. As for sex positions, as long as it is comfortable for you, it is fine because it does not affect the child in any way.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Although there is no specified quantity of alcohol that is said to be healthy for a pregnant woman to consume, it has been properly stated that alcohol consumption during pregnancy may affect the child as it passes through the umbilical cord to the child and may lead to a possible miscarriage of the fetus or in cases where there is no miscarriage, it leads to stillbirth.

5. Stay fit

Most pregnant women do not watch their weight when they are pregnant and as a result, they get grossly overweight.

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Ideally, before you even conceive, it is better that you start to lose weight as obesity has the tendency of putting both you and your unborn baby at risk.

An overweight woman will likely have a miscarriage or have a stillbirth and should the child manage to survive at birth, the child may have some impairment in growth or even childhood diabetes.

6. Eat Healthy Foods

The pregnancy stage is a point where you should become picky about what you eat per time, aside from preventing the possibility of miscarriage, it helps you in the growth and development of your child.

Foods that contain a lot of mercury such as fish should be avoided, other foods that should be avoided amongst others are; unwashed foods, unprocessed foods, dairy products, unpasteurized foods, undercooked foods, etc.

7. Take your medications

During your ante-natal, you must have been given some medications or prescriptions, you should take these drugs seriously because they are given to protect you and your unborn child from possible risks of miscarriage.

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Should they get finished before time, you should reach out to your doctor and do well not to overdose yourself or engage in self-medication.

8. Manage Your Severe Illnesses

At the early stage of pregnancy, chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension can grossly affect the safety of your child and as such, you should handle them well. See your doctor when you have to and follow the counsel you may have received from the hospital counselors.

9. Go for Regular Health Check-ups

Visiting your doctor regularly will help you monitor the developmental stage and needs of your baby as well as provide for basic needs that may be required of you which are aimed at improving your health and that of the baby. Do not skip medical checkup time for any other thing as it is very important.

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10. Avoid Long trips

As it could lead to stress, do well to avoid traveling long distances, especially on roads that are not very good because the gallops and stress of long trips may cause a miscarriage.

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