5 Reasons Why Stock Market Crash and What to Do

5 Reasons Why Stock Market Crash are listed and explained in this article. You will find it quite informative and helpful.

Reasons Why Stock Market Goes Up and Down

Reasons Why Market is Crashing and What to Do

5 Reasons Why Stock Market Crash and What to Do
Reasons Why Stock Market Crash – Photo Source: https://investmentu.com

Companies across the globe offer to sell their stocks to depositors in initial value as a medium to create and expand the financial base of the company.

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Financial analysts have advocated that the major rationale that causes the market to crash is dependent on the stock as an essential factor.

This is because the stock is a bundle of shares and a stockholder signifies an ownership stake in a company. This article will analyze five reasons why the market is crashing.

1. The effect of Prices instability

Stock prices of most companies had attained their second-highest level ever in history. This appreciation seems to a degree for companies to increase the profit margin.

Since a share of stock will simply indicate that the profits will be shared initially as well. This share will reveal a greater ratio of growth leading to a corresponding raise in the value of stock price, in relation to profits. Also, when there is a depreciation in the degree of stock of companies, this will decrease the profit margin.

Since a share of stock will no longer indicate that the profits will be shared initially but a loss. This share will reveal a greater ratio of loss leading to a corresponding decline in the value of stock price, in relation to loss. This loss has been prevalent in the 21st century indicating a market crash.

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For example, when a share valued in 2007 at 10 units may decrease to 2 units in 2020, investors and companies may be crashed to withdraw and this has even negative implications on the market as the value of a stock is devaluated.

2. The “Bond Cano” effect

The “Bond Cano” effect states that as the cost of borrowing increases, the company eventually gets a more preferred return on bonds in the form of an increased interest rate.

This effect is seen by investors as g good point of investment without the certainty of predicting the market. An investor may choose to take the risk of making an investment by purchasing a certain of bonds not in monetary basics but by systemically providing the amount of money stake to bond issuers.

A major agency or body for this transaction is the U.S. government for the return of its bonds. This arises a major problem in the market as more sellers are more involved than buyers at the current price causing, the stock market to decline and the market crash gradually.

3. The effect of Debt and Deficits accumulation

Debt accommodation can be very devastating for any business or enterprise. The cautionary on the issue of debt has been noticeable and very earsplitting for any business as far back as the 19th century.

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When the government makes an excessive expenditure that is beyond the base and over time goes into deficits and debt accumulation, it will take very rigid economic policies to recover such an economy and when these measures are not followed, the market will crash systematically due to a balanced deficit. Countries should decline excessive debt accumulation.

4. The Cryptocurrency Bubble effect

Bitcoin is one of the basic models that has caused the market crash. Bitcoin which is popularly classified as cryptocurrency has increased lately in the last two years.

This model does not have boundaries on the amount of purchasing or even credit made and similarly has excessive investors.

These investors mainly make investments to trade and lock up funds for the desired time in the course of trading. As a matter of urgency, Bitcoin generally cryptocurrencies were banned in Nigeria between 2021 and effected in 2022.

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Yet despite its banned analysts reported that over more than 3 million Nigerians were still trading on cryptocurrencies.

This model has accumulated about 60% of stock this year and still counting. Since the model does not involve a visible commercial activity, it causes the market to crash.

Instead of the government simply placing the model, the software can be programmed to tax the model which will generate huge returns for the government.

5. Retirement Plan effect

When a greater number of people in the economy, get to the age of retirement, many individuals prefer to offer assets that generated huge returns for sale. It most times explains why more multinational companies are in their season of non-existence.

The effect of the retirement Plan is basically felt in underdeveloped economies which have low saving rates and low investment rates.

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Assuming the stock market declines gradually, many aged investors can prevent this problem by serving a consultant to be business while the young business elite is allowed to secure their investment.


Despite that these reasons lead to market-crushing, economists have urged the government to set further modernized policies or measures that can solve this menace.

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