Enronomics: meaning, origin, definition

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Enronomics definitions

When a business ceases to function due to a sudden breakdown, such a company can be said to have folded compactly through accounting fraud.

Enronomics can be referred to as the situation where the company is caused to collapse by creativity or accounting fraud.

Enronomics can be further understood from economics or accounting perceptive when the majority party unfortunately is trying to forcefully bring down the throats of consumers in that country.

In the financial sector, the term enronomics can be referred to that instance or process of loss of strength in professional terms, it is the loss of structural principle of mathematical logic that states that the hypotheses of any derived fact may be freely extended with additional assumptions which may continue as a blind eye and gradually turns to the parallels.

Most analysts have debated that between enronomics and the use of leveraged debt, which makes it more rewarding for one to attract or to please in the invention and creation of trading especially the trading of financial products which may be considered very exotic.

This inquiry made the term Enronomics be defined as a dishonest, based on fraud or deception mostly falsely accounting technique used by executives or presiding members and accountants at Enron to conceal losses, toxic assets, and pertaining to a large mass, weighty, heavy, or bulky amounts of debt from shareholders and the general public. This scheme reveals that enronomics is more effective when accounting tricks are involved.

Hence, enronomics is capable of leading to huge losses and if measures are not put in place, the company may close down showing that the real termination of generally accepted accounting principles.

The problem of economics is basically experienced in businesses but most companies have made the issue a matter or manner contrary to law such that it can be amended to keep away from or to keep clear of the records from the documentation.

This helps the company to endeavor not to meet, to shun, or to abstain from, and to avoid the company of gamester reporting the losses to the market, which would have affected the stock price.

The discovery of new things evolves into the exposure of a new a systematic plan of future action often led to a huge relating to a corporation bankruptcy of its time, along with being against the law or even forbidden by law, and are guilty of breaking the law with certain charges for several involved personnel.

In other words, the term Enronomics can be defined as deceptive accounting practice designed or fitted for execution, or carrying into effect, especially for one who can make significant decisions on her or his own authority and debt from shareholders even the general public.

The company applies a phenomenal term referred to as mark-to-market accounting techniques to value assets at their corresponding fair market value despite the business’s balance sheets in order to accomplish the proposed profits with minimal losses.

Professionally to an accountant, in the balance sheet, the computation of enronomics is known as Enron’s debt off in the computation of balance sheet for instance if there are special purpose vehicles that went not noticed for a long period of time.

The origin of Enronomics can be traced to its primary operation in the natural gas pipeline network in the United States globally.

In the early 1990s, the Houston-based company had started to change from the distribution of natural gas into the trading such that these trading activities lacked no control and were indirect according to rules, principles, or laws in the markets.

This adjustment to an imbalance requirement caused an explosion in annual revenue, from $10 billion in the early 1990s to $139 billion by 2001 as recorded in several statistical bulletins.

As time evolved, the company started to make specific investments excluding major core operating areas. This business decision affected the company negatively causing business obstacles, losses, and increasing the company’s debt rate.

Enronomics has been used by many companies in disbelief, wavering accounting records, and even hesitating in an opinion which can be inclined to doubt, all these are the accounting tricks to conceal its losses and debts which are revealed through the use of Enronomics.


As history could trace, Enronomics remains the widest and most popular accounting fraud in the financial market history. Also, the termination also resulted in huge corporate bankruptcies according to historical records.

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