10 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

10 Benefits of Natural Childbirth are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

Benefits of natural childbirth vs cesarean

10 Benefits of Natural Childbirth
Benefits of Natural Childbirth – Photo Source: https://www.scarymommy.com

The advancement of medical practices has gradually relegated natural childbirth to the past as people now opt for artificial ways of birthing children instead of the Natural.

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Despite the intervention of medicine, natural childbirth is still seen by experts as the best type of childbirth because it has to do with little or no medical interference.

To the mother and child, natural birth is still very safe and, in this article, we will look at some of the reasons why Natural childbirth is still the best option.

1. Low risk

The risk of death from medical complications is very minimal in natural childbirth because you do not have to ‘go under the knife’ or be subjected to any kind of medical risks. It also helps in the rapid development of the child, especially in the first few months of birth.

2. Little or no disorder

Sometimes, when a baby is a birth through the aid of science, deformity might set in as a result of negligence or other oversight by medical personnel for instance, when labor is forced through the use of injections, there is a great chance of autism or any other neurological disorders.

3. Reduces the possibility of blood transfusion

When the body releases a lot of oxytocin, it often leads to a decrease in blood transfusion and this is one of the things you face when you get under the knife (get a cesarean section).

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4. Makes breastfeeding easier

When a baby is a birth through Caesarean section, it usually takes a little longer for the wounds to heal and this might make it a bit difficult for the mother to breastfeed her child as certain parts of her body might still be hurting.

On the other hand, if a child is a birth through the natural process, the mother can pick up her child and breastfeed immediately without having any major pains and staying longer than necessary in the hospital.

5. Natural birth helps the development of the brain of the baby as it brings forth massive protein production meanwhile if a cesarean section is used to birth a child, the child may not develop properly because of the less protein produced by the brain and in the long run, this might ultimately affect the well being of the child.

6. Natural birth makes post-natal very easy, it drastically reduces the risks of the child missing out on the hormonal changes that happen in the course of childbirth. This change helps the lungs to develop properly, thus, the lungs can function properly and at the optimal rate expected.

7. Natural birth allows for the mother of the child to be able to feed well after putting to birth and they are able to drink or eat freely and this, in turn, helps to keep the level of their energy when it is time for labor.

8. Keeps the baby safe from sickness

With artificial birth systems or methods, the children are exposed to surgical infections or even diseases like asthma or other allergies.

Oftentimes, the child born through Caesarean section often does not have a taste of the good bacteria that are found on the body of the mother during natural birth.

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This bacterium often comes into play in the immune system of the baby and this would help the child fight off any possible health issues that may arise later in the future.

9. Helps to release pain-relieving hormones

Birthing a child naturally helps to keep both the mother and the child very safe because, in the process, there are two hormones that are released which are Endorphins and the love hormone popularly called Oxytocin.

What these hormones do is that it helps to keep the child and mother energized during and after childbirth. It also helps to prevent depression after pregnancy.

10. Keeps an open channel for childbirth

Unlike artificial childbirth which places a limit on how many children you can have, natural childbirth places no limit and the chances are always open to mothers who may want to have more babies because there is no tear or stitch in the body in the case of natural childbirth.

These benefits do not in any way make artificial childbirth unsafe, it is still the best option to go for where the need arises or if a woman chooses to.

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The difference is that the post-delivery effect on natural childbirth is lower than that of some artificial childbirth processes and it makes both the mother and child healthier, stronger, and happier s outlined in the advantages that you have just read.

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