15 Bad Habits That Shorten Life

15 Bad Habits That Shorten Life are listed and carefully explained in this article for your perusal.

What habits shorten your life?

It is no longer news that your longevity in life is also a determining factor to your life. Here are habits that shorten life.

1. Staying up late at night

The function or significance of sleep in the human body cannot be underestimated. It is estimated that the more you age, the longer you should extend your sleeping hours.

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Also, any sleeping time that is less than eight hours is considered not adequate at all. Lack of sleep especially staying up late at night can shorten one’s life.

2. Excessive sleeping

As much deficiency of sleep is bad, excessive sleep is considered to be very bad such that it can shorten one’s life. Ignorance has made many people believe that excessive sleep improves one’s life or concentrates on weight gain but the reverse is the case. Sleeping for like 12 to 14 hours is dangerous.

3. Using too much hand antiseptic soap and cream on the skin

The function of antiseptic is to prevent bacteria but using too much antiseptic soap and cream on the skin can cause a lot of damage to the body and shorten life.

4. Negative imagination

To live longer, you must be optimistic about life. The power of thoughts cannot be downplayed as our thoughts often have a formation on human life, especially negative imagination. Psychologists say that what you think is what you become. If you must live longer, have a longitudinal view of life.

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5. Living in a noisy environment

Noise is an unpleasant sound and living in a noisy environment can affect one’s life especially when it involves problematic situations.

6. Staying in a dirty area

Staying in a dirty area implies that even the air breathed in as oxygen is toxic to human life and in the long run, it can shorten the individual’s life.

7. Failing to wash your hands

Most people just find it very funny to wash their hands especially after a meal or after touching an infected surface. The habit of not washing your hands can be very harmful as the hands unfailing gets to the mouth consciously or unconsciously and it can result in various illness or even shorten one’s life.

8. Excessive gym

As exercising at the gym is good, the excessive gym can lead to sarcopenia which is a decrease in muscle tissue. This decline in muscle tissue has a tendency to increase the risk of having reoccurring heart disease and diabetes and ultimately reduces or shortens life.

9. Overeating fat

The habit of buying fat exclusively from meat (which gives the actual protein) is very hazardous to human life and can reduce longevity. These fats are stored in the body and are regarded as bad cholesterol.

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10. Carrying heavy items

The habit of carrying heavy items is often done by most people to earn a living, impress others, or justify one’s strength.

Hence, whatever reason does not justify the habit of carrying heavy items as it affects the heart and other sensitive parts of the body, and reduces the rate of longevity.

11. Sleeping close to your phone

The worst habit to practice is sleeping close to your phone or even considering keeping the device under your pillow. The radiation can shorten one’s life.

12. Taking sugary drinks

Most people have formed the habit of taking sugary drinks after every particular meal. It reduces your level of longevity on Earth. Simply replacing the drinks with water can be more advantageous.

13. Drinking tap or rainwater

The habit of drinking rain or tap water should be avoided. Also, even the consumption of water contained in a bucket can shorten life. Drink only treated water.

14. Quit and avoid smoking

It is popularly known that smokers are likely to die young, so it is advisable to quit smoking including social smoking as this can shorten life.

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15. Excessive use of your gadgets

Studies have shown that people who are addicted to gadgets have a shorter life span. If you must text, call, or use your device at night or even during the day, use it consciously and not consistently.


To live longer, avoid any negative habits that can affect your immune system.

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